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Stories and ideas from Acadium to help you own your future.

Business Growth

Three reasons to hire a digital marketing apprentice at your agency

Ever feel like agency life is way too busy? Read on to learn how an apprentice could be the solution you're looking for.


The latest on what's happening at Acadium, straight from the team.

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  • #ownyourfuture contest winner

    And the Winner of the #OwnYourFuture Contest Is…

    We asked our apprentices to share their journey on video and this one stood out in terms of both quality and substance.

  • Planable partnership

    Announcing our partnership with social media company Planable

    Acadium is proud to announce the official partnership with social media company Planable.

  • How to be a great mentor with David Jenyns

    How to be a great mentor with David Jenyns

    The most impactful thing great mentors do is fast track the learning and development of those they mentor. One of those mentors is David Jenyns, author of SYSTEMology who has mentored over half a dozen apprentices on the platform giving them the necessary experience to kick-start their digital marketing careers.

  • Business Growth, News

    Getting marketing help: Five reasons your business needs an apprentice

    Opening your business to provide valuable lessons to young professionals while they help you with your marketing strategy is just smart—and you might learn something too.

Success Stories

Find out how others are using Acadium to take control of their future.

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  • Success Stories

    How Kailee Launched Her Marketing Career on Acadium

    Seeking better work-life balance in a pandemic-proof job, Kailee Shearing set her sights on a marketing career. Just half-way through her apprenticeship, she received a job offer. Read on to find out how she did it.

  • Are you feeling stuck in your career?
    Career Prep, Success Stories

    Getting unstuck in your career: How Corinne opened up opportunities, and you can too

    Corinne had some sales experience, but she wasn't enthusiastic about pursuing a career in sales. She was concerned that she'd be stuck if she didn't gain new experiences to add to her resume. Acadium provided her with the confidence, hands-on experience, and resume needed to make a career change into B2B marketing.

  • Rachel Marini
    Success Stories

    How Rachel is Building Her Skills to Create More Opportunities for Youth

    By connecting with Leesa through Acadium, they found alignment on their interests and beliefs while also having unique skills that would complement each other during the apprenticeship.

  • Erik Hernal, From Student to Hiring Partner – An Accelerator Case Study
    Success Stories

    Erik Hernal, From Student to VP of Marketing: An Acadium Plus Case Study

    When Erik Hernal first started his career as a freelance copywriter, he was taking small gigs from any client willing to give him a shot. After going through the Acadium Plus program he was hired as VP of Marketing at Cleverly Agency in Los Angeles.

Career Prep

Build the career you want tomorrow, today.

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  • How to avoid student debt and still land your dream job
    Career Prep

    How to Avoid Student Debt (And Still Land Your Dream Job)

    A grocery worker wanted to know how to avoid student debt and still be a desirable job candidate in digital marketing. Here's the student debt solution he found.

  • entry level marketing jobs
    Career Prep

    Top 7 Places to Find Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

    Here are the best places online that list entry-level marketing jobs—including two niche sites you may never have heard of. We also share tips on how to stand out from other candidates, as well as success stories to inspire you and keep you motivated in your job search.

  • Digital Marketing Career
    Career Prep

    Launch Your Digital Marketing Career: How to Stand Out as a Candidate

    With the rise of digital marketing specialist jobs, there's never been a better time to launch a digital marketing career. But how do you stand out from the competition? Here are 3 surefire ways to shine.

  • Career Prep

    Five Remote Work Skills You Need (Even In a Post-Pandemic Workplace)

    Tough time adjusting to working from home? These remote work skills will help you become your most productive and joyful self.

Business Growth

Build and manage a team to help you get where you need to be.

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  • Digital marketing apprenticeships
    Business Growth

    What Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Can Do for You: The Playper Experience

    Digital marketing apprenticeships may be for entry-level roles. But that doesn't mean they don't make a big impact. Read how Playper leveraged apprenticeships to hit its targets in email marketing, social media, and brand awareness.

  • outsource blogging
    Business Growth

    Outsource Blogging and Run a Great Blog with Acadium

    Stop doing everything yourself and outsource blogging. Here you'll find 24 blogging jobs you can hand off to a blogging apprentice, so you can tackle the higher-value activities of your business.

  • Elements of a content strategy
    Business Growth

    The Most Important Elements of a Content Strategy

    Use this popular framework to simplify the creation of your content strategy.

  • digital marketing time sinks
    Business Growth

    Avoid These Four Time Sinks with a Digital Marketing Apprentice

    Getting burnt out by these digital marketing activities? See how you can lighten the burden.


Hear from Acadium users how they're building themselves a better future.

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  • How do you onboard an apprentice
    Business Growth, Podcast

    How to find an apprentice that’s right for your business

    "As someone looking for talent, [Acadium] streamlines the process." Michelle Nicole McNabb is the founder of Emenee Marketing 'n' Events and an expert on working with apprentices. Our CEO, Moe discusses with Michelle how to find an apprentice that's right for your business and which projects to mentor them on.

  • How do you find someone you can trust in your busienss?
    Business Growth, Podcast

    How to mentor team members not task managers

    Our CEO, Moe, wanted to connect with Vibeke Foss, the founder of Gorgeous Geek, to learn how she went from working IN her business to working ON it.

  • How Vicky doubled her business
    Business Growth, Podcast

    How Vicky doubled her business by learning the power of delegation

    "The thing I was really not good at was delegating and building my team. It very quickly led to burnout."

  • Podcast

    Acadium Stories #16: Iris Alvarado — Making the career switch into digital marketing

    Find out how Iris built the skills and confidence she needed to become a digital marketer.

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